Jasna 1 and FOMO are two Warsaw and Białystok-based clubs, separated by near 200km. Yet, this story is not about separates us, but about that which brings us together – and that’s a lot. We share the same values, we share actual friendships and plenty of experience in the club struggle, we share joy in our successes and all hardships brought upon by the pandemic. From our very first days, we’ve always worked with our minds set on values and objectives mostly absent from the Polish scene — believing, that there’s a different way of doing things.
Finally, after long talks, brainstorms and a lot of mental sparring, we’ve decided to join forces. We’re starting a joint effort of double event series, with line-ups shared between our venues. It’s not just about booking an artist together — our guests will play in different settings, displaying their entire range of talents throughout both nights. By doing this, we count on making you experience the weekends with us, visiting both clubs!
We’ve been present on the Warsaw club scene for over 4 years now — always orientated on long-term action, as well as putting commitment and non-obvious choices first. We’re not part of the bookings rat race, instead focusing on a concrete artistic vision, building our specific musical personality. We treat artists equally — no matter if they’re international stars or young, rising DJs. By building our local community, we care deeply about making everyone feel good here — our club is a space safe for everyone, no matter their gender, race or sexual preference.
For us FOMO is more than just a venue — it’s a vision stretching far beyond the typical activity of a music club. Our programme, visual identity and communication rely on quality and attention to details, with each one as important as the other. Our mission is spreading awareness — musical, artistic or social — and our main goal is building a strong local scene and co-operation with the “Eastern Bloc”, our friends from Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. Despite unfortunately opening our club just 6 weeks before the first national lockdown, we don’t compromise and still believe that creating a valuable venue like this requires integrity, consequence and determination.

Our first event will take place on Friday, February 11th.

Błażej Malinowski b2b Claudio PRC
4:00 – END
Ola Teks & Andrzej Zieliński
All Night Long