Wild At Heart returns on 3.11 with fiery energy to thrill your hearts and unite in a collective movement on the dance floor. Sharing the experience of a euphoric trance, get in touch with those deepest, wildest parts of yourself. Because few things are more healing than acting from the heart and grounding more than dancing to sounds that excite you and give you meaning. So let’s get wild together!

For the next installment of the series, daisy cutter has invited an inspiring, technically impressive DJ, label head, radio host and activist – Marie Montexier – whose sound is slick and dynamic, bringing together electrifying grooves from all eras and corners of the globe. Classic rave cuts and modern club sounds, thumping party-rockers syncopated beat experiments, all of it mixed seamlessly on vinyl via elegant blends, tight cuts and the occasional cheeky spinback. Known for his energetic sets DJ and producer naked relaxing will be in charge of the equally engaging closing and daisy cutter will open the main floor and introduce you to the spirit of the night. Expect techno, progressive, tech-house, breaks, and plenty of cutting edge new releases and trance classics.

The bar room will be given over to Jasna’s resident and the only such person on the Polish club scene – Dtekk, and Mifi77, who animates the Bialystok scene, and gives his heart to new adepts of the DJ art while developing his own unique craft. Electro reigns supreme in their bags, but you never know what they will surprise us with during this all night musical feast.