Wild At Heart, a vibrant line-up, spring euphoria on the dancefloor – the last edition of the event before the seasonal break will present the sounds and visions of producers and DJs bringing their own uncompromising visions of electronic music.
On the main stage, a live performance will be presented by Jurek Przeździecki, a versatile and technically sophisticated producer active for more than two decades, whose music has been released by labels such as the legendary Cocoon, Synewave, Recognition, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Trapez, Boshke Beats and Affin. The follow-up will be led by Melania ., a Polish-born, Berlin-based DJ aiming for highly dynamic sets full of twists and turns, in which breakbeats and drum&bass are crammed with flair between heavy, big room beats. The opening will be taken care of as usual by daisy cutter, club resident and curator of the series.
In the bar room you will be treated to a varied sound feast led by Diamin – DJ, vinyl collector and environmental scientist born in Chile and based in Berlin, who has been working in a record store located in Buenos Aires for many years, weaving her style and mixing techniques. The night will open with a set by Madikoptah – a Warsaw-based selector, listener and proud representative of the regime brigade art collective, passionate about bass sounds, broken, heavily percussive and going beyond popular club conventions. Hailing from Paris, the feisty and ravenous Zły pies will close the room. Returning from exile, this wearing-many-hats action man – selector, producer, organizer, DJ – is bringing a package of heavy French bass and quirky electronics in his briefcase.