Theia Crush comes back with third event this year to bring a pair of astonishing artists from French label Mama Told Ya, run by one of the most known artists from France, Anetha. Both UFO95 and Vel have developed a unique style that allowed them to play in the club all around the world. They also did a series of label showcases for example in Berghain (2 times) or Bassiani.

UFO95 style always evolves but now can be described as raw but dreamy which lead him to his recent performance with Chris Liebing in Fuse, Brussels. He also runs his own label record- ARCHIVE where he can release all the tracks, he has done through years during his live performances.

Vel’s style is extremely unique as she mixes fast, super clean techno on the verge of psytrance, not being afraid to add some groove into it. Her most known track: You Taste Like Zaatar, has become one of this year’s special weapons, being completely different from anything you heard before. Besides ongoing career as a DJ, she is also successful producer, releasing her tracks in Mama Told Ya label or Terenor records (most recent).

These amazing artists will be accompanied on the main stage with Theia’s Crush resident and founders- Rust and Sabre. The bar stage will be taken by Schron’s (Poznań) residents- Olga and ya.khub who definitely are not afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to the mixing and selection.