What are you looking for? Art or filth?
We give you a room to find or lose the answer.
Leave your fears, doubts, and unnecessary clothes behind the door.
Play risky, embrace liberation and abundance.
Dance as if nothing else exists.
Act as in a dream.
You are a masterpiece.
You embody freedom and uniqueness.
Together we are perversion and purity.
Together we are Somasutra.
Art or filth?
The dark room awaits you.
Anonymity – No photo/video policy
Kinky and provocative dresscode
Radical self-expression
Awareness team
Dark room
Safe space
Provocative, Seductive, Freaky, Leather, Latex, Lace, Half-Naked/Naked
❗️All information about the upcoming event, rules and how to get inside is via the link: http://somasutra.tilda.ws❗️