Cabin crew, prepare for take-off, first PAXXX run by PAWEL is ahead.
PAXXX — queer party series with a huge focus on diverse lineup which bringing fresh air to the techno scene. PAXXX will be heavily influenced by faster, funky and raw sounds mixed with groovy old school or deep and hypnotic techno.
Yonti is one of the special guests. Hailing from Tel-Aviv & recently relocated in Berlin, Yonti is already touring around Europe’s busiest dance floors, among them you’ll find a few Berghain appearances as well as many other well respected European queer parties. Focusing on atmospheric raw techno and dark rolling beats, his sets are a display of momentum and tension building, Its this consistency in energy and precision in sound that have made Yonti a mainstay in his hometown, playing for crowds weekly in all of the city’s club locations and holding a residency at the infamous queer party series Pag TLV.