Announcing the very first Move Mózg event of 2024, joining forces with the capital’s young team disappointment. On this occasion, we have invited the explosive French duo — Baraka. Expect a provocative, high-energy performance exploring various themes.

‘Baraka has always been synonymous with “good star” or “good luck.” And there is indeed an element of that in the formation of the duo bearing the same name. In 2020, as the world is about to enter lockdown, Cristofeu (DJ and producer) and sa+ga (DJ, singer, poet, author) come together to compose a series of tracks that blend poetic vocals, acid sounds, and synthetic layers. One can feel the influence of trance, trip-hop, drum’n’bass, and artists like Prodigy, Massive Attack, or even Björk. However, it is on stage that Baraka’s music truly comes to life. Capable of transforming a concert hall into a veritable dance floor or infusing a club with an energy reminiscent of a punk show, the duo electrifies venues wherever they go: from Berghain/Panorama Bar in Berlin to Trabendo in Paris, from the Positive Education festival in Saint-Étienne to Boiler Room. At this pace, the duo’s good luck is not likely to fade anytime soon.’