This time Move Mózg is back with a strong local line-up. ᕙ(⇀‸↼ )ᕗ
Panera is all about speed, fun and wild. They drifting somewhere between rave, acid techno, old school and jungle culture.
Some Guest is our first time guest, co-founder of the Warsaw-based Narocz13 collective. Half producer, half DJ, he released his music on labels such as Low Income Squad, Wang Records or Das Booty. Huge fan of jungle, garage, breakbeat and music from the Global South.
Edvvin, Warsaw based DJ and producer who’s heavily inspired by 90’s/00’s techno. His Selection is full of high energy, loopy tribal tools with funky bass lines which perfectly summarises Edvvin’s style and taste.
The Bar room will be taken over by the Jasna 1 family: Kovvalsky, Cyryl, Ola Teks