On February 17th, dtekk returns with his resident night, Haloperidol, featuring the exhilarating theme of banging electro. This time, he’s invited Afra, an artist who has crafted a unique musical style blending elements from techno, electro, acid, and EBM. Afra delivers a powerful combination of punch and emotion, exclusively mixing her sets on vinyl. She holds a residency at SPIELRAUM, one of Amsterdam’s premier queer parties, and, alongside Marsman, co-founded the Pinkman sublabel Mindri. Quickly becoming a cutting-edge platform for fresh electronic sounds, Mindri has showcased artists such as Pluto Junkies, Univac, and The Hacker.

In the Bar room, our resident is back after a bit of a hiatus, rocking that sun-kissed glow and ready to unleash an intense musical experience. Pitti Schmitti is joined by Rayndu, who crafts seamless mixes, weaving through a diverse range of genres. Picture her surfing between electro and techno waves, but she doesn’t stop there – expect some edgy, fragmented sounds, deep bass, and a dash of ghetto in her nice selection.