This Saturday, ahead of the EUNIC Women’s Night, vist Jasna for an enriching and empowering Talk. We’re firm believers in the importance of these kind of discussions for our community, as they provide a platform for sharing experiences, showcasing their perspectives on navigating the electronic music scene and beyond or exploring innovative approaches. In these conversations, powerful words may emerge, reshaping our outlooks, sparking inspiration, and empowering each of us. We invite you to join the dialogue <3

6 artists will participate in the discussion led by Magda Staniewszka, also known as madikoptah.

mad miran (NL), Miley Serious (FR) Ola Teks (PL) KAROLINDA (PL) noa (EE), Vio PRG (RO)

START 18:00

Entry is free of charge

Talk will be held in English 

madikoptah –  Warsaw-based selector, proud representative of the collective @regimebrigade. She’s all about those deep, broken, heavily percussive sounds, often straying from popular club conventions. She’s organized music events (Raban, HO_LIDAYS) and shared the stage with artists such as Sho Madjozi, Pangaea, DJ Plead, NKC, UNIIQU3, and Bored Lord. On Radio Kapitał, she hosts the BASSKET show, blending her electronic, experimental and rap sound.