Get ready for a quality night with a hefty lineup showcasing familiar local talents alongside three fresh faces discovered through an open call by Move Mózg. We’re pumped!

“Joining our resident Ola Teks on the Main floor are some familiar faces. Contakt, renowned for his superb DJ skills and production finesse, specializes in the hypnotic, minimalistic drive of 00’s techno. Then, there’s G_ssus, a DJ, producer, and co-founder of Crackhouse and I.C. TRAX. In his sets, spanning minimal to techno, he’s mainly focused on rolling & groovy rhythms, dark atmospheres and eerie & catchy FXs.

Hailing from Sheffield, England, Brindle draws inspiration from the early electronic sound of his city and the US underground scene that created dance music as we know it today. Expect a fusion of classics, reworks and something new – blending soulful heavy house, breaks, bleep & more.

Nadezh No is a resident DJ at Sekta Selekta in Krakow and an integral member of the Remora crew and Sabat_Raveum. She curates sets built on a versatile selection, mainly revolved around breaks, electro, progressive, early 90s techno & house, with a trancey touch.

Yacoob – a seasoned musician, DJ, and aspiring producer with over a decade of experience in the underground electronic music scene – hails from the legendary Białystok club, METRO. His dynamic, groovy sets blend House/Disco with Electro/Techno vibes. He’s currently active in collectives XYZ and HES Sound.