After a rather long break, we are back at Jasna 1 and about to celebrate 7 years of our party series. As usual, we’ve invited a bunch of extraordinary artists:

From Prague – Kletis with his half-tempos, steps, breaks and off-beat techno into a melodically melancholic body of work.

Nijmegen’s Luca dell’Orso is always looking for that raw vintage sound and his Italo-wave-electro being released by XXX, Red Laser Records & Bordello A Parigi.

Brazilian-born, Berlin-based DJ Paty Vapor is a member of the infamous Brazilian party series BLUM, Berlin-based label Slow Motion Rec. / Wrong Era, and the Not Found night series. Her sets evoke an old-school nostalgia of the ’80s, moving from EBM and Industrial to Synthpunk, Wave and Belgian New Beat.

Next up is Yash aka Cosmic Dream Club, a Dutch producer and DJ, 1/3 of The Low End collective, and radio host at, and His versatile style includes almost all genres but he regularly spins house, techno, electro and disco. He also works at Waaghals recordstore.

Last but not least is Pawel Blot, a part of already legendary Italo Kochando collective, a fantastic DJ and friend.

We’re looking forward for you to show us all your special dance moves on December 2nd.