Komitet Obrony Disco is back and teaming up with Gravity Network to deliver yet another diverse and startling lineup:

Swiss-DJ Audrey Danza is constantly looking for powerful sounds and new ways to mix music. Both eclectic and energetic, her selection is composed of excursions mixing trance, tribal percussions, italo disco, industrial beats and techno, always with the aim of leading her audience into unknown cosmic spaces. Audrey’s sensibility and accurate selection has made her one of the most prominent names of the burgeoning Swiss scene.

Ciel is a renowned DJ and producer, celebrated for her technical proficiency and diverse musical palette that ventures beyond conventional club music. She is widely recognized for her unwavering dedication to elevating the Toronto music scene, her adopted home. Ciel has played a crucial role in the revival of breaks on dancefloors, captivating audiences with her explosive style that blends a range of genres such as bleep ‘n bass, electro, rave, junglist rhythms, pounding techno, and even occasional doses of OG trance.

DeSteffan & Volume Sphere are among the fresh crop of talent invigorating Prague’s dance music scene. They proudly inherit the spirit of unorthodoxy and underground values, which have always been at the heart of the city’s musical legacy. The duo frequently performs together and has co-founded a small streaming collective called Radio Laude. Initially, the group organized spontaneous events, but in 2020, they secured a regular broadcast spot on top of Planeta Za, a cultural and community hub established by Ankali. As resident DJs of the station, DeSteffan and Volume Sphere showcase their selection skills and act as curators for the radio, which aims to showcase the vibrant and diverse music scene of Prague.

Dzuma, the DJ and music producer who has made a name for himself with his signature blend of post-punk electronics, murky synthwave, and gritty electro. He is renowned for creating Syntetyk, a series of events that quickly became a must-see for the Polish underground scene, and eventually grew into a prominent record label. Dzuma’s music and events have captured hearts with his unique sound and distinctive vibe.

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