On Saturday, 10th, ahead of the Gravity Clubnight, join us for an insightful talk on raising awareness about harm reduction in nightlife, with a focus on drug policy. The discussion will feature Polish grass-roots collectives and organizations, including Kolektyw Chemia, Miazmat, and SIN, moderated by our representative from the Awareness Team. More info soon.

Kolektyw Chemia [Nela Zielińska, Justyna Krawczyk]
SIN – Społeczna Inicjatywa Narkopolityki [Justyna Bryka, Artur Hołdasiewicz]
Miazmat [Mateusz]

The panel will be moderated by Kasia, our representative from the Awareness Team, and will be held in Polish.

▶ Entry is free of charge, start 18:00

A reservations is not required but aid in anticipating participant numbers and optimizing our space.