Join us on the night of March 5th, as together with EUNIC Warszawa (European Union National Institutes for Culture) we once again celebrate International Women’s Day in the best we know — by showcasing a diverse line-up of acclaimed female artists from all around Europe!
A multimedia artist, composer and vocalist based between Vienna and Berlin. Rosa works with her voice, modular synths, drum machines and guitars, creating striking, yet delicately structured, emotional music.
NCOL is a DJ and an avid local radio broadcaster from Prague — she runs the “Mixtales” show on Radio 1, her interest in modern club music, ranging from disco to techno and electro; as well as the Radio Punctum-based “Devotions”, dedicated to softer, more dreamlike sounds. Her club appearances connect these two sides into an ever-surprising, hard-hitting experience.
Raven is a DJ, producer, singer and songwriter hailing from Toronto, Canada. Through time spent exploring the underground scenes in Los Angeles, Chicago, Berlin and Mexico City, Raven developed a sharp appreciation for dancefloor aesthetics, contributing to and collaborating with these scenes along the way. This artistic development is apparent in her DJ sets, which fuse techno with influences from acid, electro and early Rave to form a unique club sound.
Yen Sung is a pioneer of portuguese dance music and has been a vital presence in Lisbon’s house scene since the early 90s. At a time when it was still uncommon for women to command the dancefloor behind the decks, Yen became a symbol of fierce determination and undeniable taste for a new generation of Lisbon clubbers and DJs. Since her start at the legendary Frágil club, and later on Luxfrágil, where she’s still one of the main residents, Yen Sung has toured internationally and locally, cementing her reputation with stone-cold house music sets but also her own Chocolate City parties, dedicated to everything hip hop, r&b, soul and funk.
Born in Ukraine, based in Jerusalem, Anna Haleta is a true veteran of the Israeli underground scene, having been active in its formation since the early 2000s.
In her performances, she focuses on creating an unmistakable atmosphere and looking deep into the music itself, whether it’s a hard techno set in Berghain or an eclectic selection at Kiev’s Closer.
Esta Polyesta is an Amsterdam-based DJ well known for her world music and balkan beats sets. Mixing harder electronic beats with ethnic music from all around the world, she brings all peoples and all cultures in a mutual celebration of dance, devoid of borders.
Her style is described as flowing and feminine, uplifting and fun.
An Estonian DJ and producer, who grew up with a classical music education, yet got involved with Tallinn’s club scene by performing at her first underground event when she was only 15. She now combines her musical upbringing with the contemporary Western European club influences, playing sets ranging from tech house to acid techno.
A Warsaw-based DJ, art historian and curator. She’s interested in contemporary performance and dance art, social choreography, yoga and working with the body. Co-founder of Radio Kapitał, Warsaw’s prime social radio, and FLAUTA, a series of fundraiser events dedicated to helping refugees. As a DJ she’s focused on examining sound as a space for activist work, and dancing as a platform for initiating temporary or permanent communities.
Ylia is a Spanish musician, producer and DJ. She came of age DJ-ing breakbeat raves in Andalucia, while studying classical piano at the conservatory, and later moved to Barcelona to study modern composition and arrangements at Taller de Musics. Her dexterous and ever-reliable sets interchange between diverse genres,sometimes ambient and experimental, other times more direct and dancefloor friendly. She released her debut solo album “Dulce Rendición” at Paralaxe Editions in 2020, her other musical and artistic work includes composing for dance and theatre, hosting radio shows(La Guarida,, running a label (Animah records), as well as teaching music (IED, The Bass Valley).


23:00-00:30 Esta Polyesta
00:30-02:00 Micaela Saraceno
02:00-03:30 NCOL
03:30-04:45 Ylia
04:45-5:30 Poly Chain LIVE
05:30-END Daisy Cutter



00:00-02:15 Yen Sung
02:15-03:00 Rosa Anschuetz LIVE
03:00-04:30 Raven
04:30-06:00 Anna Haleta